Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TANGEDCO) Recruitment 2022 / Electrical Thermal Power Plant

Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TANGEDCO) has issued a notice to fill the vacant Electrical Thermal Power Plant post. A total of 215 sites have been earmarked for the project. Those who wish to apply for this job are requested to apply and avail the benefits as soon as possible. Full details of the mission are compiled below for easy understanding by all.

Employment Details:-

Organization :- TANGEDCO

Job Type: – TN Govt Jobs

Vacancies: – 215

Nature of work: – Apprentice

Last date:- 11.05.2022

Selection Process:- Written Test

How to apply:- Online

Job location:- Tamil Nadu

Further education Qualifications and all the details are below.

Post Name:-
The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TANGEDCO) has announced a total of 215 vacancies for Electrical Thermal Power Plant. It is noteworthy that only men are eligible to apply for this job.

Tamil Nadu Electricity Board

It is sufficient if the applicant has passed 10th class in government or government recognized educational institutions / schools.

Applicants who are selected for the job of Electrical Thermal Power Plant will get a stipend of Rs. 6,000 / – to Rs. 8,050 /

Selection Process:-
Eligible and talented applicants for this job will be selected through interview and hired.

Tamil Nadu Electricity Board

How to apply: –
Applicants wishing to apply should register through the official web address link provided below. Applicants should register their application by the last date of 11.05.2022.

Notification Download

Application Download

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